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Selfie Portal Austin
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Have you ever dreamed about walking into an enchanted world and being able to feel the magic within it? A place where everything illuminates at once just by the power of your smile?

Welcome to the SELFIE PORTAL! The portal of the magical selfies that brings you to multiple wonders of making your selfie journey memorable. With a beautiful and fun experience of taking pictures with your loved ones, to fill up the pages of your digital adventure books with some cool
and breathtaking hashtags :)

Let the SELFIE PORTAL adventure begin!

Admission Fee
General admission
Kids (age 15-5)
Kids (4 and under)
*All fees and taxes are included
Large groups
We offer discounted rates
for large groups 15+
Please email us
at SelfiePortalAustin@gmail.com
Private events
You always welcome to book our entire place for your events.
For more information and reservations
please email us
at SelfiePortalAustin@gmail.com
Portal hours
Every single hour is good for selfies!
Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance. For more information, please review our Frequently Asked Questions
Your safety is our top priority! We ask all our guests and employees to maintain proper social distancing at least 6 feet, we provide sanitized stations and wear masks during the visit. We will limit our capacity up to 35 people per one-hour session. Our staff will sanitize props and disinfect rooms after each session. Masks are required to enter and while you are on the premises. PLEASE, follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Public Health Recommendations while on the premises (cdc.gov)
Who we are?
We are the SELFIE PORTAL – the unique place for self-photos and videos. It is the dimension with over 30+colorful interactive installations. The perfect place for your creative still and moving pictures.
Do I have to book my tickets online ahead of time?
We recommend to book your journey online to reserve your spots. Walk-ins are always welcome, however waiting time and/or availability might exist.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover cards as well as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Sorry, we do not accept cash. For ticket prices visit Admission Fee
Do you offer discounts for Large Groups and Private Events?
We offer discounted rates for large groups 15+. Please email us at SelfiePortalAustin@gmail.com. You're always welcome to book our entire place for your event. For more information and reservations please email us at SelfiePortalAustin@gmail.com
Are you a wheelchair accessible?
Yes, we are! Our inside space designed for wheelchair access. Please, ask front desk employees if you have any additional questions.
Refund policy? Reschedule my visit?
Tickets are neither refundable nor negotiable. However, you can use your confirmation email (link provided) to reschedule for a different date and time without any charges 24 hours before your visit.
Dress Code?
Sure thing, we have it! We are family friendly and allow all age groups. Please make sure all photos/selfies/videos would be "Instagram Safe".

Lingerie and swimwear are allowed ONLY as a private event. Contact us for more details, please.
What should I bring? Should I bring a camera and/or a photographer?
You are welcome to bring your professional camera and stand for it. If you want to ask a professional photographer to take your pictures, an additional admission fee is required.
Call us now!
(512) 402-5280

Lakeline Mall (first floor)
11200 Lakeline Mall Dr,
Cedar Park, TX 78613
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